GasTec Membrane Nitrogen Generator

Atmospheric air contains approx 21% oxygen & 79% nitrogen. The GasTec® Membrane Nitrogen Generator produces N2 by removing the oxygen in air using membrane separators


Membrane Separators

Membrane separators are made from hollow polymeric fibers arranged in a shell & tube arrangement. Fast permeate gas such as water vapor & oxygen diffuses thru the wall whilst slow permeating nitrogen travels the length of the hollow fibre as shown below.

Low Nitrogen Production Cost

The average N2 production cost is <0.4 kWh per normal cubic meter at 95% purity, 7 bar output.

Designed for offshore applications

GasTec supplies a wide range of nitrogen systems that meets Zone 2, Group IIB, Temperature Class T3 hazardous area duty requirements.

Equipment are fully skid mounted, factory pre-tested for fast site installation & commissioning.
Convenient & Economical

GasTec nitrogen systems are easy to operate and maintain. It provides the convenience of on-site gas generation and attractive savings over cylinder gases.




  • Economical - saves 20 to 30% over cylinders gas cost
  • Convenient - reduced cylinder handling
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe - reduced high pressure gas inventory
  • Improves productivity




  • High energy efficiency
  • Rugged & durable design
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Gas on demand technology
  • Reliable, continuous round the clock operations
  • User friendly, fully automated controls




  • Tank blanketing
  • Pipeline purging
  • Compressor gas seals
  • Pressure transfer
  • Drying